This case taught me not to get prejudiced by the investigations but to think logically and carelessness of others should not cloud your thinking.

This is a case of young girl 14 yrs of age who lives nearby and all her family members are my patients. One day at around 4.30 p.m. her mother called me up and requested me to come and see the girl as she was having severe pain in her stomach.I went there and I told them to get the Ultrasound KUB done as the location of the pain was of ureteric stone. Ultrasound was done and there was 12 mm right ureteric calculus which was causing hyroureter and a small stone in rt middle calyx of rt K and two stones in lt K. I gave her medicines and told them to get the US repeated after a week because of hydroureter.
    As she didnt have any fresh episode of renal colic they delayed US and after much pressure from my side it was done after 10 days. To their utter surprise US showed no stone anywhere neither in K nor in ureter. They came happily to me . I was in doubt so I immediately called up radiologist and inquired about it . He told me “Doc you had given some medicines and the stones have gone”. I was still not convinced so I told them to get a US repeated from Diwan Harish Chand .
There US report showed — two stones in left K and one stone in rt K and no stone in ureter.
The parents of girl was surprised as the  lab from which first US was done is also very renowned in our area.Very small stones below 0.5 mm are sometimes missed when US is not done properly.


Dr Jugal Kishore passed away on 23rd January evening 6.15 p.m. Indeed it is a big loss to homeopathy but to me it is   a loss which I cant describe in words.Today when I went to his place I became nostalgic.Not only he was a great Doctor but more than that he was a great man. I was with him from 1990 till 2004. I have learnt not only homeopathy from him but much more about life.
He was perfectionist. He wanted only the best in life; never compromised for it. He had a drive in him ,always full of energy, enthusiasm to learn something new, to try something new &  great passion for homeopathy. I salute him as a person and also as a Doctor. May God his soul rest in peace.



A case of child 8 yrs old , precocious child, very sensitive. Saw fight between his uncles and father, very perturbed, refused to sleep alone with his brother room next to his parent’s room , that night. Got up at night screaming uncles will kill them all. This was going night after night. Old case of mine, parents mentioned this to me but  after much persuasion told the whole story. Aconite 10m/single dose followed by sac lac 30 for a week. Reported much better ,sleeping well , now not screaming at night.



  • Each cancer patient is an individual cancer patient.
  • Constitutional remedies goes a long way in treating cancer patient same as with the other diseases, because THE WHOLE MAN IS DISEASED RATHER THAN A PARTICULAR PART.They gives a better response to arrest disease process than medicine selected on the present acute –suffering and pathology.
  • Sometimes more than one remedy are given according to the case according to the signs and symptoms.
  • The cancer patient usually come to us only in terminal stage and there is advanced metastasis or after being operated, chemotherapy and radiotherapy given ,to prevent the recurrence. In the first case little can be done because of advanced pathology except giving relief to the present acute conditions like relief in pain or improving the general condition. In the second case the patient is asymptomatic , no obvious symptoms to select the remedy. In these cases it is very difficult to select a remedy  either because of paucity of symptoms or too advanced pathology.
  • Anti miasmatic remedies has to be given along with constitutional medicines.
  • Patients having Family History of Asthma, Diabetes –Anti sycotic remedy acts very well along with constitutional remedy.
  • Carcinoin plays an important role in treatment even if patient doesn’t give the family history of cancer.

In Post –operative, Post-radiotherapy, Post chemotherapy cases:

  • It helps in combating after effects of Chemotherapy like nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite.
  • Preventing recurrence of the cancer.

Cases having advanced pathology, end stage cases, homoeopathy helps in

  • Relieving the pain
  • Improving the quality of life.



Case of Viral Warts cured by Unusual Remedy

Usually when a case of warts come to a Homeopath ,one is forced to think in the lines of Thuja, Dulcamara, Antimonium crudum, Causticum . But in this case all these remedies failed

It is a case of viral warts started on right palm of a girl of 7 years of age . The warts were whitish, hard.Gradually the warts spread to left hand also .No other body part was involved.  She presented with no other symptom. As girl was brought to me with his brother the history was very vague. I started with antisycotic followed by all Causticum, Lycopodium, dulcamara, ant. crud but no result was achieved . She kept coming to me for a year and as she belonged to poor community I started treating her free. But I was getting frustrated as no reult could be seen. One day she came and I gave her Lac-Can 30 and told her not to come again and see some other Homepath if this doesnt get treated. and next month she didnt came . A year passed and I thought I have lost that case. After few days his brother brought another case of wart , I asked him what about Fatima , how are her warts and he told me those warts VANISHED AFTER THE LAST DOSE U GAVE. I was astonished . I told them u atleast could have come and told me.

Lac-Can — symptoms move from one side to another


Hello world!


Everybody who is a Homeopath knows Beauty of homeopathy lies in its individualization. It treats the person as a whole. There is no specification in homeopathy. If the symptoms matches any remedy can cure any disease.


This is case of a lady who came to me when I was working with Dr Jugal Kishore. As he was very busy and she was in hurry she consulted me. She had psoriasis. Scaly patches all over body and in head also. I took her whole history. She had common modalities i.e. her patches were worse in winters and seems to be better in summers. In Personal History I couldn’t find anything on which I can put my fingers on .While stating her problems she started weeping. I asked what happened. She told me—Doc saab yeh theek to ho jaenge na. I told her yes of course but it will take time. She told me how much mentally she is tortured because of these eruptions Her mother-in-law has kept separate utensils for her so that they all may not get infected because of this and her husband sleep away from her on separate bed. I could see  Mortification in her eyes  but not able to retaliate, although she had suppressed anger but she was in such a position that she cant show her anger , so I decided to give  her Staphisagria 1m single dose followed by sac-Lac and asked her to come back after a month. She asked me anything to be  applied on . I told her to apply coconut oil only . After a month she came back and was very happy as her eruptions were clearing . I gave her sac lac again . Almost after a year her eruption on whole body were better but were limited to scalp only. Still on and off she gets eruptions on scalp only and her whole family is my patients .

If you go by Eruptions Psoriasis in Kent repertory you will never come to this remedy because this remedy is not mentioned at all. This shows how important is case taking and mental symptoms are.